Information for Funders

The Foundation for Teaching Economics is working with thousands of teachers, and hundreds of thousands of students all over the country to strengthen the next generation’s understanding of basic economic principles. Individuals, corporations and foundations make our efforts possible, with 100% of their contributions going to pay for program expenses. This is made possible because income from the FTE’s endowment pays for all overhead, administrative and fundraising expenses of the FTE. (The FTE accepts no tax generated funding.)

We consider contributions to the FTE to be an investment in the future of our democracy and measure the returns generated by those investments with in-depth, independent evaluations.

The Foundation for Teaching Economics is grateful to have generous donors support the important work of educating young people about the way the world works, and we thank you in advance for your generous contribution.

Below are just a few ways in which you can make a tax-deductible financial gift to the FTE. Should you need any assistance, please contact Jim Klauder, Vice President for Development.

Check or Credit Card

A great many of our donors enjoy the flexibility offered by making single contributions. These gifts can be made by mailing a check made payable to the Foundation for Teaching Economics, made over the phone with a credit card, or made via the website. Please visit the Contribute With your Credit Card link below to support the FTE now.

Make a Contribution Online

Sustained Giving

You may opt to set up a monthly giving program. Monthly contributions can be made with your credit card. This program offers the opportunity for continual support that meets your schedule. Please call Jim Klauder, Vice President for Development at 530-757-4633 to set up a sustained giving program.

Gifts of Stock and/or Bonds

It is possible to support the FTE with a gift of stock. Appreciated stock gifts are a great way to receive the added benefits of your tax deductible contribution. The transaction is simple and easy, and can be done electronically in only a few minutes. Your investment broker can advise you on the most appropriate way to contribute to the FTE. For gifts of stock and/or bonds, please call Jim Klauder, Vice President for Development at 530-757-4633.

Planned Giving

There is no better way to ensure the FTE’s long-term effectiveness than with a provision in your will, with a revocable trust, or with provisions in your retirement plan. If you would like further information on any of the ways in which planned giving might fit into your estate planning, please call Jim Klauder, Vice President for Development at 530-757-4633.