Advanced Economics for Leaders

The Advanced Economics for Leaders program is designed for students who have completed a high school or AP economics class. During the week, instructors will introduce college level intermediate micro- and macro-economic topics to help prepare students for the more advanced coursework. Lessons examine economic models and theories behind economic growth, demand curves, asset pricing, and more. 

Students will also take sessions devoted to the theory and practice of leadership, which is a cornerstone of the Economics for Leaders programs. This combination of subjects is unique and reflects FTE’s commitment to the ideal that all future leaders must understand economics.  

Program Content and Topics 

Economics Instruction

  • Simulations are used to provide experiential learning opportunities and demonstrate the reliability of theoretical concepts. 
  • Outstanding economics instructors foster critical thinking about difficult social problems.
  • Examination of current national and international issues promotes discussion. 
  • Topics covered: 
    • Solow Growth Model 
    • Consumer Optimization Problem 
    • Labor Supply Curve 
    • Capital Asset Pricing Model 
    • Edgeworth Box Diagram 
    • Equation of Exchange 
    • Quantity Theory of Money 
    • Prisoner’s Dilemma  
    • Coase Theorem  
  • Having a background in calculus is helpful but not required.  


Leadership Instruction

  • Leadership topics are taught in the context of the Leadership Pyramid Matrix used in university leadership courses.
  • The goal is to improve participants ability to work and lead teams and to connect responsible leadership and the economic way of thinking.
  • Elements of the Leadership Pyramid Matrix 
    • Personal Leadership Domain: Preparing and projecting who you are
    • Relational Leadership Domain: Demonstrating concern and understanding 
    • Contextual Leadership Domain: Clarifying who we are and how we work together 


Program Pre-requisites & Schedule

In order to qualify for Advanced EFL, students must have completed a course in economics prior to the start of the program, and this course must be shown on their high school transcript. The basic schedule for this program will mirror all other EFL sites.

Please note – students who have already taken EFL are not eligible for Advanced Economics for Leaders.