Economics for Leaders Virtual

Through a combination of engaging lectures, group activities, and real-world applications, students will explore key economic concepts and develop leadership competencies.

Programs are taught by economics professors and leadership instructors selected for their expertise and teaching effectiveness. Sessions introduce participants to the “economic way of thinking” and build an understanding of leadership skills in a fun-filled series of tasks and dilemmas.

Economics for Leaders Virtual is designed to give promising students the skills to be effective leaders and employ economic analysis when considering difficult public policy choices. This course is centered on introducing and applying economic concepts and reasoning skills while also familiarizing students with leadership theory.

Program Goals

  • Give students the knowledge to understand the economic concepts shaping the global economy
  • Foster students’ commitment to continued learning about economics and leadership
  • Help students discover their potential as they learn to develop and implement effective leadership skills
  • Provide a fun-filled, active environment rich with new friendships that can last a lifetime