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The Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE), established in 1975, aims to improve the quality of economic education by assisting economics teachers in enhancing their effectiveness as educators. FTE focuses high school and middle school grade levels by providing professional development programs and resources to teachers.

Resources for Teachers

FTE has an outstanding reputation among U.S. educators for its strong emphasis on active learning, utilizing engaging activities and lessons as a distinctive aspect of its curriculum. An exceptional feature of  FTE’s educational approach involves instructors demonstrating these the activities with high school students. 

FTE staff continually monitors state educational requirements so all curriculum correlates with both the Common Core state standards and all 50 state standards in economic education.

  • My experiences with FTE have allowed me to learn the academic concepts of economics in an approachable way and have given me the confidence to engage my students with simulations and conversations in a whole new way. FTE is one of the most fantastic professional organizations that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with during my teaching career!

    Bill Peeper
    E&E Ft. Lauderdale
  • I am a new teacher; this program provided a lot of topics, vocabulary, and explanations to things I had never heard of so I will definitely use this information toward my teaching, and I am happy to have a website I can reference for support. I liked the games, and observing the students learning and engaging gave me a good idea on how to apply this information to teaching.

    Sonyvia Nunez
    EFT Virtual
  • This program gave me amazing environmental tools I can use in the classroom! It’s always so nice when things are presented in a way that I can actually use. I haven’t included much about the environment in the classroom because I didn’t know what to do, but now I do! It’s great!

    Susanna Smith
    E&E UCSB
  • The professors’ enthusiasm for the study of economics is palpable to their audiences; they are intense, but considerate of diverse teacher and student populations, very attuned to moving teachers and students to new skill sets and “tools in the belts” for both methodologies and content. They are especially connected to motivating cultural connectors for both their students and teachers.

    Mary Dell Smith
    EFT Vanderbilt
  • I plan to incorporate resources from the lecture and simulations in my Economics and Personal Finance classes. The deep dive into economic topics with a history perspective will help make connections between my course and American History courses that students take the following year.

    Traci Parks
    EFIAH Charleston
  • The professors clarified a number of topics I teach in my AP Econ class in a way I feel like I can better explain those concepts to my students. I also feel like I’ve walked away with some great activities to incorporate into my classroom to help engage students as well as demonstrate the concepts in an interactive way.

    Kristin Blessing
    EFT Virtual

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