Socialism: Myths vs. Realities

A societal shift is underway: increasing numbers of younger people in the United States are embracing the idea of socialism as a possible alternative to capitalism, yet the true effects of socialism as a governing policy are less understoodThis new program from FTE applies the economic way of thinking to understanding the realities of socialism, and highlights the many different definitions and perceptions involved. 

This threeday residential program identifies the major themes of socialism, drawing from examples of Poland, Estonia, Denmark, and Sweden. A closer look at how these countries provide public goods will be contrasted with Singapore’s approach

Sessions will cover ideas of what socialism is, how it’s understood today, and how it was defined in the past. Data, analysis, and student activities will examine socialist thought and application over time. Instruction will follow proven pedagogical practices and teachers will leave with classroom activities to help their students better understand the realities of socialism. 

Lodging, materials, and most meals are covered by FTE. Participants are responsible for their own travel costs to and from the program site. All attendees are eligible for a $600 stipend and a $150 commuter stipend. To qualify for a stipend, teachers must attend and actively participate in all sessions and complete a program evaluation.  

Enrollment is limited to middle and high school teachers of economics, history, and social studies.  

Graduate credit is unavailable at this time for the Socialism program.