Virtual Teacher Programs

To fulfill the Foundation for Teaching Economics’ mission to promote excellence in economic education by helping teachers become more effective educators, FTE offers a variety of professional development opportunities including both synchronous and asynchronous virtual learning options.

Each program format provides methodological and content instruction. Participants learn to incorporate activity-based lessons into their economics classes and also add to their expertise in the field. In addition to micro-and macro-economics, programs also covered a variety of applied economic topics, such as economic history, international trade, and the environment.

The FTE strives to make these programs accessible to all teachers. The cost is subsidized so participants pay a nominal fee, if any, to attend. Programs are offered in both synchronous and asynchronous formats to fit all schedules.

  • I could sit through an entire day of these webinars and not get bored in the slightest! The presentations are always dynamic and informative. The activities and resources are creative and innovative. Definitely a great resource for educators!

    Rachel Neff
    Risky Business Workshop
  • The FTE programs are very adaptable to the classroom. This is the first time getting a glimpse into breakout rooms. It was fun, engaging, but, most of all, it was educational!

    Rikki Sandress
    Great Escape Workshop
  • As a first-year Economics teacher, this program was so valuable! FTE provides hands-on guidance, knowledgeable instructors, and engaging activities and lessons. I can’t wait to attend another program!

    Morgan Paul
    One Day Virtual Budgets
  • This is a wonderful program offering a small group activity/breakout rooms that will be fun to incorporate into either face-to-face or online classroom settings. Thank you!

    Michael Gibbons
    Economics of Land Use Workshop
  • I am more excited than ever to teach economics! I like the idea of opening major concepts with games and then using that game/activity as a touchstone.

    Courtney Harsfield
    EFT Virtual