Economics for Leaders

A selective summer program that teaches student leaders to integrate economics into decision-making

The goal is to equip promising students with leadership skills and the ability to apply economic analysis to public policy decisions. This course introduces economic concepts, reasoning, and leadership theory. In a world with complex public policy challenges, preparing the next generation of leaders is crucial for future prosperity.

EFL offers an unparalleled learning opportunity, as evidenced by a 90% recommendation rate among 2023 participants. The program is competitive, with roughly two applicants for each available spot. College admission officers recognize that students who attend selective pre-college programs like EFL are more competitive applicants

Advanced Economics for Leaders

The Advanced Economics for Leaders program is designed for students who have completed an AP economics or high school economics class. During the week, instructors will introduce college level intermediate micro – and macro- economic topics to help prepare students for the more advanced coursework.

Admission Information

Current sophomores and juniors in high school are eligible for EFL programs in Summer 2024. Admission to EFL is competitive – decisions are based on leadership potential, maturity, and the applicant’s vision of their future. EFL participants are intelligent and articulate students who will benefit from this unique educational experience.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Space is limited at each site, and we encourage students to apply early to increase their chance of admittance to their preferred site. Approximately 25-40 students are accepted at each site, dependent upon specific restrictions on campus.