What students are saying about their Economics for Leaders Virtual experience.
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  • This program has honestly been one of the highlights of my summer. From the group interactions to the excellent mentors and teachers, EFL has truly been a wonderful experience. I would recommend this to all rising Seniors or Juniors even if they don’t have the greatest interests in economics. That’s how great this experience was.” –

    Sartaj Kaler
    Washington University Cohort 2020
  • Although it was virtual, attending this program was indescribable! Meeting professors from across the country and connecting with students, who share similar interests as me, from across the world was loads of fun. I am so thankful to FTE and I highly recommend this program to all who are considering a career in business!

    Darisi Garg
    Emory University Cohort 2020
  • The Economics for Leaders program exceeded my expectations in every way. The teachers were engaging, the content was interesting, and the other students were so friendly. I 100% recommend this program; it broadened my world-view and opened my mind up to different ideas that I’d never considered before.

    Aviva Teller
    Yale University Cohort 2020
  • Even though it was online due to COVID, the Economics for Leaders program was interesting, engaging, and extremely helpful in developing knowledge of economics and leadership skills. The professors and staff were great, and I liked the curriculum a lot, especially the MobLab econ games! I would recommend EFL to anyone who is considering doing the program.

    Ben Ward
    UCSB Cohort 2020
  • FTE is one of the most influential camps I have ever done. I have never experienced an organization that has been able to so seamlessly incorporate fun, economics, and leadership into one comprehensive program.” –

    Allison Li
    UCLA Cohort 2020