Alumni Spotlight – Madeleine Overturf – Chicago ’09

Madeleine Overturf is quite literally in the spotlight these days as a reporter at WBOC-TV in Sussex County. Before her time at WBOC, Madeleine received her B.F.A in Acting and a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from New York University.

Madeleine has also spent time working in Washington, DC at NBC’s WRC-TV as a Production Assistant and Assignment Editor. She also occasionally field produced for the NBC All Owned Stations DC Bureau, covering federal events for NBC affiliates across the country.

Attending Economics for Leaders nearly eight years ago, she has remained passionate about the EFL program, working through college as a Program Coordinator and volunteering with the FTE in her free time.

“EFL taught me how to analyze decisions and simultaneously tap into my core values (opportunity cost, hello). Those two tools have let me know that when I make a choice — and I’ve made many in my career — that I’m making the one that is right for me. It also taught me how to be an effective leader and team member, which is crucial to success and making connections along the way. ” maddie-1

When Madeleine isn’t working, she enjoys reading, practicing yoga, and spending time with friends and family. She still keeps in touch with many friends made through EFL.

“We’ve taken vacations, helped each other with resumes, and ultimately helped each other grow — that’s true friendship that only helps you thrive.”

We look forward to seeing Madeleine continue to thrive in the future!

Source: FTE Blog

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