Environment & the Economy

The Environment & the Economy (E&E) program provides teachers with a unique overview in how economic principles can be used to analyze environmental issues.

Attendees will learn how a rational, economic approach to environmental issues helps students understand the complexity of these issues. E&E is offered in a four-day format and includes a field trip to an environmentally protected area that illuminates the specific challenges of integrating environmental policy and economics. The program features interactive lecture/ discussion sessions, case studies, and simulations, all led by nationally recognized professors, and includes insights from industry leaders on their roles in environmental policy.

E&E qualifies for two semester hours of graduate credit in economics through the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, available for an additional fee. 

Lodging, materials, and most meals are covered by FTE. Registrants are responsible for their own travel costs to and from the program site. All attendees are eligible for a $600 participation stipend and a $150 commuter stipend. To qualify for the stipends, teachers must attend and actively participate in all sessions, as well as complete a program evaluation. There is no need to apply for the stipends.

  • This was an excellent program, with useful tools and information that you can bring back to students and colleagues!

    Karen Billingsly
    High School Teacher, Florida
  • I learned a lot about applying economic concepts to environmental problems and solutions. I’ll be able to introduce this content to my students, who care a lot about environmental issues, and now I can help them evaluate these issues by weighing the benefits against the costs, offering a more complete and realistic picture. I don’t know of any other program that offers what this one does. The field trip really enhanced the classroom sessions. It gave me so much to reflect upon, relate content to, and inspired me to think about the big picture.

    Alice Purcell
    High School Teacher, Texas
  • This program is a fabulous way to teach and learn about environmental issues and economic concepts. Economics provides a realistic way to think about and how to solve problems.

    Cassandra Minor
    High School Teacher, Kentucky