FTE Staff Member Receives Economic Education Leadership Award

FTE Curriculum Director, Debbie Henney was recently nominated for the prestigious Economic Education Leadership Award from the Arizona Council on Economic Education!

About Henney, the Arizona Council on Economic Education says,

“Henney was nominated for her more than a decade-long mentorship and ability to teach economics in a fun and engaging way for both teachers and students. Henney has inspired thousands of teachers in the field of economics, personal finance and entrepreneurship. She writes economic education lessons for the K-12 classroom and regularly presents workshops, in-service trainings and week-long residential programs for schools, teachers and students in Arizona and around the country. Teachers model after Henney and often say “I want to be an educator just like Debbie.” Henney helps organize the annual statewide student economic competitions, known as the “Mayors’ Challenge.”

The Chancellor of Maricopa Community Colleges, where Henney is a professor and director of both the honors program and Center for Economics Education at the Mesa Community College campus, says,

“Professor Henney’s passion for education and her long-time commitment to our students and their success is an inspiring example of how our faculty work each day in partnership to improve our state and the communities we serve.” 

FTE would like to extend our congratulations to Professor Henney for all of her hard work and dedication to teaching economics. Debbie has been working with FTE since 2006 and will be the Mentor Teacher in summer 2018 at two FTE programs, Economics for Leaders at the University of California, Berkeley and the Leadership Academy in Washington, DC.

(See press release here)

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