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$25,000 +

Citigroup Foundation
Judy and Carl Ferenbach, High Meadows Foundation
The Goldman Sachs Foundation
Pierre F. and Enid Goodrich Foundation
HSBC – North America
The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation, Inc.
Walter Lantz Foundation
The Ambrose Monell Foundation
The Burton D. Morgan Foundation
M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Raleigh L. Shaklee
John Templeton Foundation
Douglas Wheeler

$10,000 +
Apgar Foundation
S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Manloy Heritage Foundation
Dan Murphy Foundation
Andrea and Howard Rich
Valerie Beth Schwartz Foundation
Jack B. St. Clair

$5,000 +
Rose-Marie and Jack R. Anderson Foundation
The Anschutz Foundation
Russell L. Carson
CHS Foundation
Dodge Jones Foundation
Ginn Family Foundation
George H. Hume
Gerry Ohrstrom
The Rising Phoenix Foundation
Chris J. Rufer
Flora L. Thornton Foundation
The Towbes Foundation
Diana B. Wilsey
Robert K. Zelle
Diane and Bill Zuendt

$1,000 +
J. Robert and Joanne N. Baur
The Jerome V. Bruni Foundation
Louis W. Burgener
Civil Society Trust
Dillon Foundation
El Pomar Foundation
Jerome M. Fullinwider
Helen I. Graham Foundation
Agnes R. Hayden
Liz Hume and Jay Jacobs
The Franklin and Catherine Johnson Foundation
Kayser Family Foundation
Krieble Foundation
Richard Lenon
Robert M. Long
The McWethy Foundation
Milken Family Foundation
Nancy B. Munger
Binky Peters Stephenson
The Raiff Family Foundation
The Robertson-Finley Foundation
The Roe Foundation
Sheldon Rose
Edwin A. Seipp. Jr.
David M. Underwood
Robert M. Weekley
The Whitehead Foundation
Woodford Foundation
Richard Wright

$500 +
Bachman Foundation
John R. Bertucci
Susan and Gary Conway
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Duncan
Keith H. Erdman
Chester E. Finn, Jr.
Marc B. Franklin
Robert W. Garthwait, Jr., Cly-Del Manufacturing Company
Bob Graham
The Grey Family Foundation
Linda G. Kendall
Donald and Cristina Keusch, MD’s *
Edward A. Landry
Malott Family Foundation
Denman K. McNear
George G. Montgomery, Jr.
The Victor and Novella Senese Fund
Shenandoah Foundation
Jan E. G. Smit
Carolyn and William Stutt
Ines and Tom Swaney
June Thompson *
Dr. Herbert J. Walberg
Rawleigh Warner, Jr.
Marcia and Paul Wythes

$100 +
Associated Construction Economists *
LT Matthew S. Bailey, USN *
James and Alvina Bartos Balog Foundation
Jennifer and Tim Baxter *
F. Gregg Bemis, Jr.
LeaAnne Bernstein *
John Buck
J. Peter Cahill
Fred J. Chemidlin, Jr.
Kristin Chiesi *
Cathleen and Alan Chizauskas *
Gloria Clark *
Joshua Danziger *
The DeLorenzo Family *
Gregory C. Donadio *
Shirley and Terry Dynes
Mike Ellerbrock
Rose and Fred Eng *
Patty and Charlie Erker *
Molly Walsh and Kevin Farrell *
Douglas C. Frechtling
Bruce Garnand
Garvey Kansas Foundation
Casey Groher *
Denis Guenthner
Joanne and Robert Hart
Jim Kennedy *
Paul Kilmartin
Paul Kochanowski *
Renee and Edward Kullick
Hong-Ji Kuo *
The Laverty Foundation
Erica and Paul Linthorst
Jerry Loftus
Thomas Madziar *
Bruce J. Maguire, Jr.
Chase J. McAllister
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson T. McBroom
Juliane Miklos *
Greg Miller, EFL 1997 *
Christopher G. Mumford
Gordon B. Nicholson *
Madeleine Overturf *
Mona and Pete Pankey
David P. Parker
Richard H. Peterson
Roger Pilon
Elizabeth C. Ramsey *
Kathryn Ratté
Isabelle L. Richmond
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ring, Jr. *
John K. Singleton
Linda Smith *
Wayne Smith *
Mark Stahl *
Rick Sydor *
James W. Sykes, Jr. *
George Thornton *
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Toscani
Jennifer Hardee Vanasse *
Harris A. Vlastos *
Barry Weinmann *
Stephen F. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Wilson
The Thomas Hodge Foundation
Art Woolf and Celeste Gaspari
Pierluigi Zappacosta and Enrica D’Ettorre

Less than $100
Gary Anderson *
Susan Ansell *
Ronn Atkinson *
Steve Besold *
John Bockrath Family *
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Bottiglieri *
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Brown *
Ann J. Bruhn and Kristin A. Lynch *
Harold F. Campbell
Vantella Campbell *
Lila Chu *
John M. Collins *
Amy and Overton Colton *
Linda Crawford *
Al Dahlstrand
Judd DeBoer
Alison Donley *
Marcia L. Eyherabide *
Christopher Ford *
Arjun Garg *
Michael Gavrish *
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Girouard *
Adair Fox Gray *
J. S. Hamilton
Todd Hansen
August M. Hardee II
Ted Hartsoe *
Lori and Michael Height *
Austin Kiessig *
Kirkland & Ellis Foundation *
Robert W. Kneisley
Joseph N. Lane III *
Brianne Messier *
Deborah Montoya *
Cheryl V. Morrison *
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Murphy *
Veronica and Dan Parfitt *
Lydia Powell *
Robert W. Rettie
Barbara M. Ritzheimer *
David P. Roberts *
Tim Rosek *
Jerry Sachs
Susan Schill *
Lori and Konrad Schreier *
Eric Shaw *
Sherry A. Shepherd *
Susan Shimokochi *
Allen Simon
Thomas B. Simpson *
Jearld V. Smith *
N. C. Smith *
Shawn Stanley *
Karen J. Stark *
Jo Carol D. Steele *
Aileen R. Suzuki CFP *
Brian PJ Tabit *
Janice and Martin Toomajian *
Top Dog LLC
Ernest Tulino *
Maria L. Ward *
Roger Wiersum *

Many program participants made a contribution to the FTE in 2009. They are marked with an *.

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