Recent Alumni Profile – Jillian Huels

This time last year Jillian Huels was reluctant to apply for FTE’s Economics for Leaders program. By the following October she was a guest speaker at the TFAS/FTE Leadership Conference looking back with fondness on her time at Duke University saying of her experience, “It was an incredible one which I never expected”.

Since her time at Economics for Leaders Jillian says she has become more perceptive to the political world around her developing a deeper understanding of public policy issues and even joining her high school debate team.

When asked her favorite part of the experience, Jillian remembers the people with which she spent her time.

“Immersed in an environment with some of the most intellectual people I have ever met”, people who “truly cared about their future and supported those around them”.

As a senior in high school Jillian is also looking towards the future. She hopes to advance her studies by following a pre-medical track in the future but also continue to stay exposed to a variety of subject fields such as macroeconomics, psychology, and comparative government throughout the remainder of her school year.

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