Staff Spotlight – Dee Goines

Part of what makes FTE programs so great is the staff! Every year our professors, mentor teachers, student administrators, and program coordinators spend a week with students from around the country teaching them about economics and leadership.

This week we spotlight Dee Goines. Dee is an FTE Student Administrator and leads the leadership activities at programs throughout the summer. Dee currently resides in Dallas, TX and is a big Dallas Cowboys fan. He works at the University of North Texas as the Director of Housing and Residence Life. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Webster University, Master’s in Higher Education Administration from St. Louis University, and is currently completing a doctoral degree in Higher Education Leadership from Maryville University. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Dee joined the FTE family in the summer 2005. There was a shortage of Program Coordinators (PCs), and John Buck, a long time Student Administrator, asked Dee if he wanted to go to LA and Boston for a student leadership position. Dee says, “The rest is history.”

Dee loves seeing students have transformative life experiences during the week. His favorite activity to teach is Behavioral Styles. Students identify their styles and how they relate to others in terms of leadership.

Dee thinks that it is so important that young people learn about leadership because it prepares them to step up in critical moments. Learning leadership principles now positions participants to be able to speak to their own leadership on college admission essays and interviews.

EFL has been more than a job for Dee, it has impacted him in so many ways!  He says, “I have learned the meaning of lifelong friendships. I have also learned more about economics over the years. Both have been extremely valuable in my personal life.” When we asked him what is his favorite memory from EFL, he said he has too many to name!

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