Asynchronous Online Course Syllabus

Economics for Leaders

Online Course
Summer 2020

June 2 – July 28, 2020

Course Overview 

Course Description

This course focuses on the introduction and application of basic economic concepts and economic reasoning skills.  The goal of this program is to present topics on world, national, state & local economics within the framework of the 20 National Voluntary Standards in Economics to improve students’ understanding of current global and national economic issues.

Delivery Format

The Economics for Leaders online program is an asynchronous, paced online course, wherein students work on their own time but with scheduled due dates to complete 10 lessons.  Each lesson includes a lecture delivered by an EFL Professor, videos, readings and an assignment.  Each week students will also participate in a discussion and a MobLab experiment.   


Students should plan to spend 4-6 hours per week on the course.

Course Materials

  • Required: Laptop/Computer
  • Recommended: Additional Mobile Device (phone/tablet)
  • Text (ONLY for students pursuing optional college credit): The Economics of Public Issues 20th ed by Miller, Benjamin and North

Web Applications

  • Canvas (Course Platform)
  • Google Docs
  • MobLab

Optional College Credit

This course is offered for college credit (2 credit hours) through the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  Fee for optional college credit: $244.

Grading Policies

Students are required to:

  • Complete all modules
  • Read required materials
  • Participate in discussions
  • Participate in Online Simulations/Activities
  • Complete Pre/Post Tests
  • Complete Exam over assigned readings (college credit only)

Student grades are calculated as follows (college credit only):

Category Weights

  • 25% Participation (lectures, videos, activities, discussions)
  • 50% Post Test
  • 25% Exam over assigned readings

Grading Scale

A = 90% – 100%
B = 80% – 89%
C = 70% – 79%
D = 60% – 69%
F = 0 – 59%

Sample Schedule

Week 1 


Discussion: Welcome & Introductions
Activity: Course Scavenger Hunt

Week 2

Lesson 1: Scarcity, Institutions & Economic Growth
Lesson 2: Opportunity Cost
MobLab Activity:  Ultimatum Game
Discussion: National Endowment for the Arts

Week 3

Lesson 3: Open Markets
Lesson 4: Markets in Action
Moblab Activity: Competitive Market
Discussion: Ticket Scalping – Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Week 4

Lesson 5: Labor Markets
Lesson 6: Incentives, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
MobLab Activity: R&D Race
Discussion: Immigration & Labor Markets

Week 5

Lesson 7: Institutions Matter: Property Rights
Lesson 8: Government & The Economy
MobLab Activity: Commons Fishery
Discussion: National Parks

Week 6

MobLab Activity: Election (Public Choice)
Independent Activity: The Fiscal Ship
Lesson 9: Money & Inflation
MobLab Activity: Interest Rates & Inflation

Week 7

Lesson 10: International Markets
MobLab Activity: Comparative Advantage
Discussion: Trade & World Poverty

Week 8

Post Test/Final Exam
Program Evaluation