Program Content & Topics

E&E is designed to give students a new perspective on environmental issues society is facing.

During the week-long program, the following concepts will be covered:  

Economics Instruction  

  • Simulations are used to provide experiential learning opportunities and demonstrate the reliability of theoretical concepts   
  • Outstanding economics instructors foster critical thinking about difficult environmental and social problems  
  • Examination of current environmental issues promotes discussion  
  • Key topics covered during the program include:  
    • Tragedy of the commons  
    • World fisheries  
    • Wealth creation  
    • Endangered species  
    • Climate change  
    • Land use  
    • Air and water quality  
    • Key concepts covered in the program include:   
    • Marginal decision-making  
    • Institutions  
    • Externalities  
    • Scarcity  
    • Pricing  
    • Opportunity cost   
    • Incentives  

Field Trip  

Environment & the Economy features a field trip designed to spotlight a specific challenge and solution to environmental issues. Students will be able to evaluate policy and critically assess these issues by using a rational approach based on economic analysis.  

Leadership Instruction  

  • Leadership topics framed through the effective Hero’s Journey framework.  
  • Goal is to improve participants ability to work and lead teams and to connect responsible leadership and the economic way of thinking. 

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