What students are saying about their FTE experience.
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  • FTE was truly a one-of-a-kind program. No other program could possibly offer a balance between economics and leadership better than the Foundation. The economic sessions are informative, easy to engage in, and cover all aspects of economics that any student can learn. The leadership activities allow for personal growth and for realizations that you may have never made. The instructors have mind-blowing philosophies, and their activities keep students from feeling alone. FTE is something I will always remember and use throughout my life, career, and exploration of this world.

    Shivum Lal
    Emory University 2019
  • I truly enjoyed every moment of my EFL experience at Cornell University, as I made new and lasting friendships, learned valuable information in regard to economics and closely worked together with my peers, coordinators and instructors through economic and leadership activities. After my EFL experience had concluded, I had a much stronger understanding of economics in general and more confidence as a leader.

    Logan Day
    Cornell University 2022
  • Economics for Leaders impacted my life greatly by allowing me to meet some very incredible people who share a lot of similarities and differences to myself. I became more knowledgeable on the topic of economics and gained an understanding of why some things in the world are the way they are. For example, the topics of scarcity, poverty and supply and demand were really interesting, and I enjoyed gaining new perspective on how they relate to our world. The leadership part was very enlightening for me. I learned so much about myself and others and it allowed us to all work together to solve various problems. I have developed listening and leadership skills that will enable me to continue to work in positive relationships at school and in my future endeavors.

    Patrick Kenah
    University of Michigan 2022
  • EFL has given me so much more than just a wider knowledge of economics and leadership; through EFL I have made so many connections to peers and adults that I hope to stay connected to for as long as I can as well as valuable life experience.

    Gabriella (Ella) Chuang
    UCLA 2019
  • At EFL, professors and staff went the extra mile. Beyond delivering exciting content, they engaged students in discussion outside of class and personally connected with students. I had the opportunity to connect with professors in one-on-one settings and learn more about their work, informing my understanding of the world around me.

    Jake Ziman
    Washington University 2022
  • FTE has proven to be more than a simple leadership or economics session for me this past week. It has been a week of self-study, and the activities have given me insight into the way that I respond to unnatural and difficult environments, how I interact with my peers, and how I act as a self-interested player in the economy.

    Jun-Davinci Choi
    Brown University 2017
  • Economics for Leaders was truly a transformative and eye-opening experience. I came into this class expecting to only learn about economics, but I came out having gained so many life experiences and having a greater understanding of myself and my peers.

    Holly Hoogstra
    SMU 2019

What parents are saying about their teenagers’ FTE experience:

2016 FTE Parent Survey: When asked if the program impacted their children, parents of participants responded with a resounding ‘yes!’

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A Letter From A Parent

“Words cannot express my deep appreciation for your leadership during the FTE/EFL seminar at Hillsdale College in July, 2008. My daughter Katie Yelken, is still talking about her experience and what she learned. The knowledge and skills she acquired at EFL have given her confidence and an assurance of who she is. In the span of a week you were able to take 32 unique individuals and unite them. They are bound by their experiences and time together.

A quote that has been shared by one of the students is: ‘We left our families to live with strangers. Now we left family to go home.’ The synergy that was created during those seven days is amazing. The students were accepted for who they are and encouraged to use their skills, talents, and abilities. These young adults are staying connected. ‘Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.’ Is another quote from one of the students at EFL. Thank you for your time, energy, and commitment to the students who attended this camp.”

 – Pam Yelken, Mother