Summer 2019, Wrap-Up

Summer of 2019 was a great success as we hosted both our Economics for Leaders and Economic History for Leaders programs. 18 programs in total, serving both high school students and teachers – 765 participants! We could not have done it without our nearly 65 staff members specializing in leadership and economics.

Students traveled near and far to attend our programs that were held at different college campuses in all 5 regions of the country.

“Coming to the amazing and interactive Economics For Leaders camp was worth the 8800 miles travelled” said Belle who traveled from Bangkok Thailand to attend Economics for Leaders at Wake Forest University.

Jackson traveled from Oklahoma to attend Economics for Leaders at Emory University and said,

“FTE changed my outlook on life. By encouraging me to look inside my own character and define my personal core values, FTE promoted self improvement on an unprecedented level. Furthermore, the openness of the program prompted me to speak my ideas and question the world around me. I feel more confident approaching conflict and controversial topics by keeping an open mind. FTE has changed my outlook on my purpose in life and in my own community.”

 92% of students surveyed agreed that economics content was presented clearly from our professors.  Heading home, over 9 in every 10 students was willing to recommend this program to a friend. 

110 teachers attended a total of 7 different programs and also had great things to say about the new skills and lesson plans they acquired.

Alice attended the program at Wake Forest University, “The purpose for me attending this conference was to learn more about how other people taught economics. I am going home with a ton of new things in my “bag of tricks” to help my students better understand Economics and the more difficult concepts. Great investment of my time!”

 Teacher Valencia noted, “Attending this FTE Institute gave me content, pedagogy and confidence with Economics that will be of benefit to my students.   My tagline is #alwayslearnig and FTE made this happen in an area that I surely needed.”

We are excited to see so many future leaders moving on with new knowledge and skills.  Keep in touch with us online to see the exciting plans we have coming in 2020!

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