Hot Topic: Chocapocalypse?!

“The End of Cheap Chocolate!”

For chocoholics, that headline is a nightmare come to life.  Even if you’re not an I-need-chocolate-everyday type, think about the upcoming chocoholidays – Valentines Day and Easter.  Twizzlers just don’t say “love” like chocolate does.  (And who wants real eggs and bunnies in their Easter baskets?)

The potential for a “chocapocalypse” isn’t just advertising hype. Take a walk through the store and check out the price of chocolate. The boxes and bags – and even good old chocolate chips  – are pretty pricey.  (And, just sayin’,  chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips . . . ???? ) When you get to the  display at the checkout counter, if you think the candy bars are getting smaller, you’re right.   Mars and Snickers bars have been reduced in size – but not in price.  Something is definitely not right with the world!

“Chocapocalypse!”examines the convergence of factors causing turmoil in the chocolate market.  This Hot Topic uses videos and news reports from the last 6 months to uncover how the determinants of supply and demand for chocolate  (the rules of the game in markets) are changing in response to global events and trends. Economic Reasoning Propositions 3 (incentives) and 4 (institutions) guide students’ investigation of whether chocolate lovers have reason to be worried – or at least think about getting a second job.

  Chocapocalypse (Students) 

  • http://bit.ly/1x9sVP6
  • Students click the blue “Study” button.  Narration at the top of each screen guides them with thought questions and reminders. For direct access to the collection, give students the url above or embed it in your teacher website.
Chocapocalypse  (Teacher Guide)  

  • http://bit.ly/1zDUjcH
  • Narration in this collection is teacher-focused. Includes answer guides and supplemental resources.

The FTE thanks Dianna Miller, Lead Teacher – AP Social Studies,  Florida Virtual School in Orlando, Florida, for the idea, design, and original draft of this Hot Topic.  Ms. Miller’s lesson was edited, with permission, by FTE staff and any errors are theirs, not hers.  (Questions, please contact kratte@fte.org.)

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