Program Topics and Content

We know incentives matter. Here are just a few of the benefits you can gain by participating in EFT.

Morning Economics Seminars

  • Morning economics lectures and simulations offer the opportunity to hear from award-winning economics professors and mentor teachers about curriculum, as well as practical tips on how to engage students in the classroom

Afternoon Workshops

  • Afternoon workshops provide in-depth examination of economic concepts, demonstrations and debriefs of the classroom activities, and the chance to collaborate with colleagues in discussions

Evening Activities

  • Evening activities provide additional time for you to connect with colleagues, participate in joint student-teacher simulations*, and enjoy some sightseeing and recreational activities
  • $600 participation stipend and $150 commuter stipends available**
  • Lodging, materials, and most meals are covered by FTE

*student-teacher simulations are only offered at EFT programs held on college campuses
**To qualify for a stipend, participation or commuter, teachers must attend and actively participate in all sessions. There is no need to apply for a participation stipend.