Economics and Environmentalism Online

Economics and Environmentalism Online (EEO) introduces teachers to individual and organizational entrepreneurs who use the economic way of thinking to preserve species, conserve habitat, reduce pollution, and allocate highly scarce water resources more effectively. EEO’s objective is to explore one specific approach to environmental issues, focusing on the role of property rights in incentivizing preservation and conservation, rather than offering a broad or theoretical examination of environmentalism.  

The course comprises three units featuring nine lessons that encompass a wide range of cases from the Great Plains, Mountain states, and the west coast, offering a national and international perspective. Lesson topics include colony collapse disorder and beekeepers, Big Sky Beef’s contribution to the American Prairie Reserve, the protection of critically endangered species by big game ranchers, and sport fishing-funded waterway and habitat restoration.

  • Registration Fee: $225 
  • Course Length: 12 weeks 
  • Prerequisites: successful completion of one other FTE online course, and proficiency in FTE’s 5 Economic Reasoning Propositions, or be willing to develop that proficiency outside of the course. 
  • Curriculum: lectures, teacher background outlines, lesson plans, and videos of classroom activity demonstrations. 
  • Registration: approximately 30 students per section, first-come, first-served, based on receipt of registration payment.
  • Optional graduate credit: 3 semester hours of graduate credit are available from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs for an additional fee of $122 per credit unit (total fee of $366)