Economics Online for Teachers

Economics Online for Teachers brings interactive methodology to the virtual classroom, utilizing asynchronous interaction, practice problems with individualized feedback from experienced instructors, national voluntary content standards in economics, and the vast resources of the internet. EOFT is designed to increase your confidence in teaching the fundamentals of economics and to renew your enthusiasm for introducing students to the power of economic reasoning to explain the world around them.

The curriculum is divided into two parts:  

Economics Online for Teachers: Fundamental Principles and Markets (EOFT Fundamentals) covers topics such as scarcity, opportunity cost, markets, competition, supply and demand, and labor. 

Economics Online for Teachers: Institutions, Government, and the Economy (EOFT Institutions) addresses the topics of property rights, externalities, entrepreneurship, money, government actions, and international trade.  

The EOFT courses can be taken in any order and serve as a user-friendly, first-time online class experience.


EOFT Course Details

  • Registration Fee: $175 
  • Course Length: 8 weeks 
  • Prerequisites: none (the EOFT courses are user-friendly, 1st-time, online class experiences)
  • Course Materials: lectures and all lesson plans for Units #1-5 (for EOFT Fundamentals)/Units #6-10 (for EOFT Institutions) provided, including demonstration videos of classroom activities
  • Registration: approximately 20 students per section, first-come first-served, based on receipt of registration payment
  • Optional graduate credit: 2 sem. hrs. graduate credit available from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs for an additional fee of $122/credit unit.

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